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Nitinol Wires

Our Super Elastic nitinol wires are used for applications which demand the extraordinary flexibility of NiTi alloys. This alloy has the ability to absorb large amounts of strain energy and release it as the applied strain is removed. The elasticity of our nitinol arch wires are approximately ten times than steel. Nitinol wires also has excellent torqueability and kink resistance, which are important for short period of treatment. Further, our super elastic NiTi alloys provide a constant force over a large strain range. This is the most importance features of orthodontic arch wires where a constant force enhances tooth movement with greater patient comfort.  

Super Elastic Arch wires Description:
- Preformed arch wire in Natural, Standard and International.
- Highly polished to reduce friction.
- Middle Laser mark.


The Following prices are just for our distributors.

Super Elastic Nititnol
Round from $0.31 (100 arches per pack).
Rectangular from $0.45 (100 arches per pack).

Thermal Nitinol.
Round from $0.47 (100 arches per pack).
Rectangular from $0.60 (100 arches per pack).

Reverse Curve Nitinol.
Round from $0.99 (100 arches per pack).
Rectangular from $121 (100 arches per pack).

You can get up to 30% off over prices above depending of volume of order.

Special Request

We manufacture a wide variety of NiTi components to meet your unique requirements. If you have an special request we could provide our nickel titanium in wire and pipe form in different sizes and temperature as desired. Our nitinol could be use in the following industries:

Medical Wires
Brassiere Underwires
Medical Guidepins
Surgical Localization Hooks
Laparoscopic Instruments
Stapling & Suturing Components
Bone Suture Anchors
Super Elastic Eyeglass Frames
Orthodontic ArchWires
Cellular Phones Antennas
Vascular, Esophageal and Biliary Stents
Pulmonary Embolism Filters
Vascular Stents
Pipe Couplings
Electrical Connectors
Robotics Components



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