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Ligature & Wire Cutters With Tungsten Carbide Tip.

Our cutters combine superior performance at affordable prices. Each cutter is individually designed to exact specifications and precise aligned for unmatched performance. Some competitor's instruments are made of carbon steel. This steel is much more easier to handle and work with but they have to be plated surface of nickel or chrome to increase their corrosion resistance. However, they offer very short lifetime due to peeling of nickel and lack of appearance after few sterilizations. All of our instruments are highly polished from surface to a shiny mirror finish and made of hardened surgical grade stainless steel remaining in "Like New" condition for long time. All cutters come with Tungsten Carbide tips for more precise cut and durability

Caution and recomnedations for your orthomechanics pliers and instruments.

This applies not only for our instruments but for any other stainless steel dental instruments you use in your practice.
  • Always use distilled water in ultrasonics units.
  • Always keep them in an dry enviroment.
  • After sterilization, dry hinges areas.
  • Avoid extensive time in ultrasonic cleaner.
  • Always Keep instruments separated from each other when cleaning them.
  • Keep your pliers lubricated. Extensive sterilizing absorb existing lubricants from your instruments.
  • Never clean your instruments with water and soap. It can cause discolorization.



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